Today we invite you to discover two rather original stories around the same theme: winning a large sum of money in a casino in Canada. But if the two stories have this money story in common, one of them ends rather well, while the other… rather badly. Let’s take a look back at these two anecdotes that took place at the beginning of May and at the end of April.

Big Win At The Casino Du Montreal

The fact is rather classic since it is in fact a big gain as we have been telling you for several years now on But with the difference here that it is a client of the Casino du Montreal who has just won the sum of $ 1 million. The originality of the story lies in the fact that this is one of the establishment’s highest jackpots, while Loto-Québec already has 33 millionaires on its counter.

Napoleon Wins 1 Million On A Slot Machine

We are then Tuesday, May 1, in the middle of the afternoon and an alarm announcing a jackpot on one of the “Winner for life” one-armed bandits announces that the jackpot has fallen. The lucky winner is none other than a certain Napoleon Diegue, a lucky resident of Montreal and above all a rather occasional player. We learn in fact that he rarely goes to the casino and that for once, he had deviated from his habits on this special day when he decided to follow a strange intuition that pushed him to go to the Casino de Montreal. A small voice that apparently he was right to listen to since luck indeed seemed on his side, allowing him to leave the gambling establishment with an exceptional amount at 6 zeros.

While two choices are available to him, between a lifetime annuity of $ 1,000 per week and a lump sum of $ 1,000,000, it seems that the lucky winner has chosen the second option, just to realize his plans and pay in priority its debts for more peace. We also learn that he wants to spoil his family, without forgetting to share it with his grandson who may well start the year 2018.

Record Win At The Casino De Montréal

If the sum is not the most impressive compared to those that can sometimes win other players on slot machines in casinos or even on online casino slots with progressive jackpots, there is none left. less than for the Casino de Montreal, it ranks among the six biggest jackpots listed on the Gagnant à vie slot machine. It is interesting to note that Loto-Québec, for example, distributed at least 50 prizes of more than $ 1,000,000 during the period from April 1 to April 30, 2018.

We can therefore find here a list which reveals a total of 33 millionaires who quite simply had the immense chance to win this important gain offered by the Gagnant à vie and Grande Vie lotteries which are very popular with players in the country. Jackpots that have for example allowed eight players to take full advantage of a lifetime annuity, a considerable gain that has something to dream of and especially to arouse the interest and attention of other players who would suddenly want to get it. take it easy the rest of their existence.

But more than already making a happy winner for the month of May, the establishment is marking an excellent publicity stunt here that will certainly increase its attendance rate over the year. Not to mention that we can now realize that slot machines are attracting more and more casino customers, and that a large part of them reserve progressive prizes. We find new features every day, whether in land-based casinos or online casinos like, which are offered with quite affordable bets and especially progressive jackpots capable of radically changing a way of life.

But if some can be royally content to live with a significant gain of a million dollars, others can sometimes always want more, at the risk of losing everything for example on a poker game … and that is exactly what is. arrived at the second player whose sad story we are now going to tell you, which started out like a fairy tale …

Poker At The Montreal Casino

We now invite you to discover the Bad Beat Jackpot of a player who won $ 1.3 million in a Canadian casino… and lost everything in a draw. But before telling you the facts, it seems rather wise to remind you perhaps what makes up a square and a straight flush in poker.

Quads / Four of a Kind is a hand that contains four cards of the same rank such as four Aces or four Jacks. In the rules of art, when two players have a square in poker, the one who has the higher then wins. But the square is weaker than the Straight Flush. This is a hand which is similar to the royal flush and consists of a straight combined with a flush, but without the Ace as the highest card. For example: 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3, all of the same color. When two players have a straight flush, the player with the highest card in the straight wins and when the two hands are the same, the pot is divided between the two players, because only 5 cards are taken into account.

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