We’ve found a great way to get you off to a good start to this new week. It will therefore be by telling you two good news in the world of online casino gaming. The first therefore concerns the Cirsa Gaming Corp group, which is to date the largest Spanish casino operator, which has therefore been bought by the American firm Blackstone; and the second, which concerns the large Partouche group, which is launching its very first mobile casino games application this month of May 2018.

Blackstone And Cirsa Gaming Corp

This year, we can see that the Blackstone investment fund is particularly keen to expand and conquer more and more territory in the gaming world. After having taken over the French casino group JOA, the American giant now its sights on what is considered to this day as the largest casino operator in Spain: Cirsa Gaming Corp.

The purchasing-acquisitions specialist had indeed announced since the end of April 2018 wanting to appropriate the largest Spanish casino operator. At the time, he announced that he had concluded an agreement with Cirsa. A partnership that allowed him to take control of the casino activities, but also of the firm’s bingo and sports betting in Spain, Italy and Latin America. But we also know that the Argentinian operations were excluded from the deal. Not profitable enough?

A Big Money Story

Do you like big numbers and big money stories? Then you have come to the right place. Indeed, the purchase price of the Spanish monster would be between € 2 and € 2.5 billion. But nothing is decided yet, as Blackstone will have to rely on the presence, according to the information communicated on this agreement, of his main rival to buy Cirsa. Apollo Global Management is indeed also on the spot, and happens to be best known for being the main shareholder of the firm Caesars Entertainment.

You should know that Blackstone, which announced that it had taken control of the French casino firm JOA last year, allowed the latter, currently number 3 in France, to motivate itself to find new objectives, such as that of wanting to double volume by 2022.

The Mastodon Cirsa

But since we are talking about giant respectively in its category, let us not forget to mention, however, that Cirsa, in terms of statistics, has nothing to envy to large international groups, and even less to large firms in the This brand has indeed figures which remain quite impressive on the whole since the Spanish group has no less than 147 casinos, but also 178 gaming halls. It also has 2,000 sports betting lounges and no less than 70 bingo lounges. A very large range of products which allows this structure to see an estimated turnover of € 1.7 billion in 2017. A hell of a jackpot which should even increase in the future balance sheet in the first quarter of 2019.

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