We invite you to discover two news that make the front page of the press related to the world of games and more particularly land-based casinos. First, the story of the dismantling of a large network of illegal online casinos by the Chinese authorities. Then the unusual story of a mother of a family who commits a theft to be able to replay with her son at the casino of Cabourg, a town of our dear French neighbors, located in the Calvados department in the Normandy region and Marcel Proust’s resort town …

The Hunt For Illegal Casinos In China

If they flourish every day in China, the authorities continue as best they can to eradicate illegal casinos. Today we learn that they have dismantled a very large and important network. No less than a hundred suspects were arrested during two major police operations in the southern part of the country, more precisely in Guangdong. But we also know that the authorities have proceeded to freeze several bank accounts, while simultaneously seizing several billion yuan.

Mass Arrests In The Guangdong Area

If the regulations are quite strict when it comes to gambling, it is because China is still hostile today to anything that revolves around this subject. You should know that only a few regions are authorized to accommodate establishments, while paradoxically… the Chinese are real fans of games. This is the main reason why illegal online games are spreading fairly quickly in the country and why it remains particularly difficult for the authorities to fight against what is considered within the government as a scourge. But this week will be marked by two major major operations that have been carried out in the Guangdong region. A roundup that will nevertheless lead to the arrest of no less than 140 suspects!

Beautiful Strategic Police Operations

It is an operation generally well carried out by the police force which proceeded to the freezing of several bank accounts. She will succeed by this vector to block accounts which totaled 85 million yuan, that is to say the equivalent of 13.4 million dollars. As if that weren’t enough, she also managed to seize 130 billion yuan, a truly staggering sum which is in fact the fruit of the operation of a large network of illegal online casinos. But the investigation and the implementation of this operation do not date from today and the alert was then received for the first time in October 2017, in Jiangmen, about a network that had then been spotted. while operating 6 illegal websites, according to the sources, which operated as an online casino.

The police will then launch their very first operation last March, already arresting 110 people. The second operation will then be implemented on April 2, concluding the arrest of 30 other suspects. But if this fight concerns online games, we must not forget that it was also carried out in illegal physical establishments where the police have already had for example their first results during a search of an illegal casino in Guangdong. . A wild establishment on the edge of a mountain near Shenzhen which then offered games in … a tent. An alert will then be launched and will allow the police to get their hands on 13 organizers, but also on forty players and 140,000 yuan in cash.

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